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Thirty Three Prophecies for 2023
channeled on December 21st, 2022

I.  "Similar to 2020, 2023 will be 'cancelled'.  This will be apparent between now and February 28th."


II.  "A new virus will be unleashed upon the world.  It will be extremely like Covid 19 but all will test negative for Covid.  The virus will give a fever and sinus / respiratory symptoms along with blotches or a rash on the skin much like a sunburn.  It will target a very specific portion of the population.  These blotches may begin on, but not be limited to, the arms and hands.  Some may appear as blisters."


III.  "The Sun shall have conflict with the Moon and Stars.  Japan against Turkey; they're flags inverted.  Two once great empires karmically collide."


IV.  "Eastern Europe grows worse as NATO shows cracks.  Poland, Hungary, France, Turkey and Greece; all show signs of these cracks."


V.  "A rocket falls to earth.  Sabotage.  A public too blind to see the sabotage vilifies an innocent man."


VI.  "A horrible earthquake passing 7 breaks the back of a nation; a link in a chain of events.  7 quakes pass 7 in 7 locations.  Judgement."


VII.  "A horror and great terror revealed as thousands of bodies in mass graves is revealed to the world.  America, you were fooled again.  Canada somehow ties to this Prophecy."


VIII.  "Another obscure town in Colorado becomes the focus point of American controversy.  A people, a village, a void.  Some trapped for a time.  Darkness.  A market.  A crater of some kind."


IX.  "Germany takes a curious position on the world stage that it has not experienced since WWII.  An Olive Branch broken and the fall of a leader."


X.  "The Maw of a beast is taken down.  Florida hunts to prosecute.  What is a Maw?  In Italian?  There is your answer.  A Black Rose."


XI.  "Massachusetts and controversy.  Somehow joined to California in Law.  Tradition and foundations again challenged.  Gavin Newsom and the Mayor of Boston."


XII.  "Chinese checkers.  A game and the world economy.  The US outsmarted.  Strategy.  'You sank my battleship!'  War!  War!  War!  Economy, Military, Health & Medicine."


XIII.  "Disturbance in Italy.  Civil unrest.  Also, a shadow of Death looms over the Vatican.  Politics and religion.  A tyrannous ruler not seen since Mussolini comes to power.  Scandal."


XIV.  "America begins to feel Famine.  Wheat and corn fields non productive, also in America's Heartland.  Factories slowed.  Trucking stopped.  Growth halted.  Watch Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri too."


XV.  "A mass exodus from Oregon as society becomes untenable.  Law Enforcement scrambles.  Eric Adams and New York City.  Somehow this will all tie in."


XVI.  "Both Poles, North and South, get a lot of attention this year but not for climate change.  Rather, Nations' militaries in both the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.  Something hidden in the names... a clue.  Arctic.  Antarctica."


XVII.  "A horrible experimentation on monkeys is revealed.  Technology gone amok and horribly wrong.  As everything else, this is politicized and polarized also."


XVIII.  "Big Ben.  Britain.  King Charles and Parliament.  History repeats itself.  A fire started or prevented.  A military operation, a short reign.  Single digit years; single digit."


XIX.  "Abominations as laws are passed putting children at risk.  It is the year of the predator, passed off as normalcy.  This, while numerous abandoned children are found in the Eastern Shore.  The tide flows."


XX.  "More abomination.  A half man, half machine.  A human head and brain with a metal body.  Exhibited for all to see.  Pay attention to the shoulder and arm."


XXI.  "A conflict arises between Las Vegas and the State of Nevada.  It may be related to some for of autonomy akin to the District of Columbia.  Another sign of the coming Civil War."


XXII.  "A disruption in the Atlantic Ocean sends panic to all bordering nations.  Particularly, the continents of North America and Africa."


XXIII.  "A renewed interest in Mars.  An ominous or mysterious crack or hole or split in the earth is a warning to mankind.  Divers and devices.  A disturbing pattern.  A significant additional development around November."


XXIV.  "An old ship in modern times; a famous replica.  Britain and the US; the colonies and Vikings.  An accomplishment recognized for the Red Bearded Man."


XXV.  "Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts.  The name as clear as day.  The 1988 nominee is in the news again."


XXVI.  "A fuel alliance between certain states; Texas, Kentucky, West Virginia, and the like irks the US government.  A further step toward war.  Oil and Coal."


XXVII.  "An unclear vision regarding the Pentagon in D.C.  It does, however, catch the news all over the world.  Remember that if you adjust the first two letters of UNclear you get NUclear.  The U.N.  United Nations.  IAEA?"


XXVIII.  "Black and fire from the cosmos, like Ra fighting Apophis and failing.  Disturbance from the Sun.  Black.  Fire and black.  A setback for technology.  1950's communication."


XXIX.  "'Roberta' makes a name for herself."


XXX.  "A motion picture of an extremely dark nature is released that mankind should pay attention to.  It will be Diabolic in nature.  Not since 1976 has such a statement been made."


XXXI.  "Simultaneous events in San Francisco and New York City tie together.  The two bridges; possibly a demonstration."


XXXII.  "It is the time of withdrawal.  Three species vanish from the earth in one year.  The animal, insect, and plant kingdoms.  Northeastern US, Britain, Africa."


XXXIII.  "A form of transportation through the sky will be revealed.  Not a plane nor a helicopter.  A technology new, but simple, thus old."

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