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Magick Spells

I would say probably 96% of people across America (and the world!) DON'T have Magick Altars set up in their home with all the proper tools of the Magickal trade.  I DO!  I have been working Magick with bedrock results for decades now.  Do you have an issue that just won't go away?  Need healing?  Money?  Protection?  Spells are done for numerous reasons.  Too many to list here in fact.  Each Spell comes with a FREE 20 minute Zoom call BEFORE purchase to see if what you want is realistic and to see if you are Justified in your request (this is important!).  Further, photos of the Altar with your Spell on it will be sent to you.  This is also important so you know something's being done as opposed to the "Neon Palm Sign Roadside Gypsy" that asks for your blind faith in giving them $10k to "light a candle" for you to "remove the curse that's been on you for generations"!  Take a look at the two photos of my Altars.  Your Spell will be cast upon one of them.


Price:  $599.99

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