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Being a Conservative, I hang out on some pretty "Free Speech" forums. I believe in Free Speech. It should be inviolate. But as the saying goes, "Give a person enough rope..."

I am shocked... GENUINELY shocked, and, truth be told, a bit sickened, by the STAGGERING Jew hatred I have seen.

All these Pro-Terror (sorry... pro Palestinian) protests from the Left I expect, because the Left HATES America, HATES God, and HATES Israel. But from the Right?

I get the resistance to "Zionism", and if you don't see the ties to the banking system and Communism, then you're simply ignorant of History and Mathematical Probability. I'm speaking for innocent people. And I include innocent Palestinians as well who are caught in the crossfire and ALSO held hostage by Hamas.

What happened on October 7th was Satanic (and I sincerely apologize to Satan for using such a word whereas Hamas is Evil and serves no purpose). Anyone who REMOTELY stands with these beasts and savages is, at minimum, sociopathic.

It is an educated estimation that a whopping 50%... FIFTY PERCENT! of what I have seen from the RIGHT is anti-Jew. And it's NOT PRO-Palestinian. Just anti-Jew. These are not bots. These are REAL people commenting on their Jew hatred.

There are horrors on both sides. But that's HUMAN nature. You'll find assholes in Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Satanism, and most definitely Atheism. (Enter your Religion here)

It's sad. Very sad. And the more I see human nature, the more the world deserves what's about to come. Or I should say, what is already upon it.

And have you noticed recruiting Ads for the US Military have become much more "Straight" as of late? No more drag queens or Disney-Pixar animated Lesbian moms walking along the beach. No more Rainbow-bullets in a knock-off Full Metal Jacket Marine Corps poster. They know who will win wars.

Hey... don't come at me bitch. I'm just saying the quiet part out loud.

~ EJ LaVey

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