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21 September 2023

Today, September 21st, 2023, I begin this blog. I hope to convey numerous things through this blog. Among them…

  1. A documentation of all my Prophecies and their fulfillment.

  2. A political view consistent with God and Universal Law.

  3. The teaching of Metaphysical Truths and Mystic Secrets.

  4. Weekly Astrological Forecasts.

I honestly don’t know if blogs are even a thing anymore. With all the technology out there and “Vlogging”, I’m uncertain if anyone takes the time to actually READ anything anymore. These are the days of audio books and click-bait; YouTube “shorts” and brief tweets. I’ll take the feel and smell of a good book anyday! The written word is sacred to the Libra!

And so here we are at my first blog post on my website. I felt it important to have a venue to speak which is unfiltered and uncensored. For those of you who watch me on TikTok and other social media platforms, you know I have to bite my tongue on many things for the sake of algorithms and social justice Karens. Truth is unpopular in an upside-down world.

This blog is also a way to better get to know me and how my mind thinks. Over time, with enough blog posts, you should have a good grasp of my overall philosophy and beliefs. Further, for good or ill, all my Prophecies will eventually be documented. So, history will record me as either a fraud or the Nostradamus of our time. I prefer the latter.

I will keep this introductory post brief. For that matter, I will endeavor to keep all posts “to the point”, although as an Air Sign with six planets in Libra, I just may get a bit verbose.

Thank you for reading this, and please take the time to subscribe!

- EJ LaVey

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