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The Prophecies of Psychic Astrologer
aVey (Eric Fraize)


Below are listed the Prophecies given by Psychic Astrologer Eric Fraize which will be in full swing anywhere from present day, to 2024, 2026 and 2028 at the very latest.  The Prophecies are listed in no particular order.


I.  "The State of Florida will be cut off from the U.S. somehow as though a trench is dug along the northern border.  Armed men are placed at their border."


II.  "NATO will crumble, as will the European Union.  Turkey will attack Greece.  France, too, will fall away.  Disappointment in Eastern Europe."


III.  "Nuclear weapons will strike the U.S. via the Arctic Circle; over the North Pole."


IV.  "A nuclear alliance forms between the Communist Star and the Muslim Crescent.  I see a vision of nuclear missiles bearing both markings, symbolic of their union."


V.  "An alliance of states forms in the Northeast.  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and parts of Eastern Pennsylvania.  Solidified."


VI.  "Pockets of resistance arise in Washington and Oregon.  Parts of Oregon break away."


VII.  "The American Eagle weeps overlooking Big Ben and the Tower of London.  The United Kingdom prepares for Russian attack or invasion.  All this while America crows like the head of a Rooster with no body."


VIII.  "Texas must hold.  It is the last bastion of hope if America is to survive.  Combat engulfs 25 miles of its borders while the center remains in tact."


IX.  "The Beast plunges his sword into the Capital in Washington, D.C.  As the Capital burns, the Beast's attention is drawn to Texas thereafter."


X.  "Another Beast rises from the Atlantic to attack Florida in it's already weakened state."


XI.  "A rogue element comes out of Tennessee and moves southward in the U.S.  Both sides of Civil War II reject their doctrine.  They bear a black flag with white writing or one three white serpents."


XII.  "Minnesota will fall to guerilla warfare.  Armed men, dark with AK-47s.  All the while, Michigan and Wisconsin are in turmoil."


XIII.  "Man-made famine engulfs the world.  By this time, three of four horsemen have ridden upon the Earth.  It will go down in history that World War III began in Ukraine."


XIV.  "One bearing the name 'TRUMP" will be the last President of the United States as we know it."


XV.  "China invades Hawaii.  Russia invades Alaska.  A coordinated effort.  The American people have no ability to respond while engulfed in Civil War II."


XVI.  "Where is our military?  The U.S. Military is decimated and spread thin.  This was by design of the very government it serves."


XVII.  "North Dakota and Nebraska are taken."


XVIII.  "China's flags are planted all around the world.  They "rule the roost" by the Year of the Rooster, 2029.  Their dominion will be unchallenged."


XIX.  "Watch for an Aquarius to rise to the world stage.  His actions will be crucial."


XX.  "The Oceans of the world will become unsustainably radioactive.  Almost 50%."


XXI.  "The secret of Antarctica is finally exposed."


XXII.  "China invades the U.S. from without and within.  Montana, Idaho, North Dakota must strengthen their borders.  The Chinese enter Washington State from Canada."


XXIII.  "For the most part, the South remains solidified.  Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky."


XXIV.  "California is lost.  Completely lost.  In every sense of the word LOST."


XXV.  "The Earth physically splits in the Eastern U.S.  A line from Georgia / Mississippi to Pennsylvania / New York; and everyone thought it was going to be California."

XXVI.  "China is securely on The Moon."


XXVII.  "Street violence in Boston.  Texas comes to Massachusetts."


XXVIII.  "The Southern Alliance calls to Texas for help; but they have none to spare."


XXIX.  "Cannibalism becomes commonplace."

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