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This will be no less than a controversial post. Thankfully, it's MY website and MY channel. It is also difficult to speak of this for I am Gay. And, as of late, it has become a label I have great issue with because of what the alphabet mafia has made it.

It's easy for me to settle in with my "gayness" because, to be brutally honest, I'm 51, bald, fat, and nobody wants me. That's not self-pity. It's facts. My 18 year old gay self would be horrified at the site of me. I remember who I was. Had we had Grindr when I was 18, I would have long since had AIDS. I was a whore. Plain and simple. If I wasn't with three different men a week, I felt I wasn't validated.

But there is a Spirit of Homosexuality. It is baneful, fleshly and diabolic. The beast subsides, but it never leaves. I will give you an example. As I look around the alphabet community today, I noticed that singer David Archuletta has come out of the closet. He was once pure and Angelic. Downright Cherubic in appearance and his voice. His Christmas music was heavenly. Now he is... scruffy. There's something about him that's "ugly". He's "Sexy", not Angelic. Even his music has changed vibration... literally. To a lower bass. This is NOT a step forward in life.

I cannot say what I would do differently were I 18 again. I fear my flesh would once again take over.

This Evil Spirit has also pervaded the alphabet community in the form of the "Trans" movement and the obsession with child indoctrination. It is sickening and suspect at best. The very nature of being "Gay" is precisely ABOUT Sex. It is ONLY about Sex. Which is why children have no place in it.

Make no mistake... you can LOVE the same sex. I have been with men I truly LOVED... and lost. I simply cannot intimately bond with a woman. And THAT'S bona-fide homosexuality. Yup. I'm gay. But to speak of what I spoke of above, I clearly must be "self-loathing" right? No.

If I could do it again, I would hope I would approach it differently. Today, however, the alphabet community has simply become... Beastly.

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  • Writer's pictureEJ LaVey

Being a Conservative, I hang out on some pretty "Free Speech" forums. I believe in Free Speech. It should be inviolate. But as the saying goes, "Give a person enough rope..."

I am shocked... GENUINELY shocked, and, truth be told, a bit sickened, by the STAGGERING Jew hatred I have seen.

All these Pro-Terror (sorry... pro Palestinian) protests from the Left I expect, because the Left HATES America, HATES God, and HATES Israel. But from the Right?

I get the resistance to "Zionism", and if you don't see the ties to the banking system and Communism, then you're simply ignorant of History and Mathematical Probability. I'm speaking for innocent people. And I include innocent Palestinians as well who are caught in the crossfire and ALSO held hostage by Hamas.

What happened on October 7th was Satanic (and I sincerely apologize to Satan for using such a word whereas Hamas is Evil and serves no purpose). Anyone who REMOTELY stands with these beasts and savages is, at minimum, sociopathic.

It is an educated estimation that a whopping 50%... FIFTY PERCENT! of what I have seen from the RIGHT is anti-Jew. And it's NOT PRO-Palestinian. Just anti-Jew. These are not bots. These are REAL people commenting on their Jew hatred.

There are horrors on both sides. But that's HUMAN nature. You'll find assholes in Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Satanism, and most definitely Atheism. (Enter your Religion here)

It's sad. Very sad. And the more I see human nature, the more the world deserves what's about to come. Or I should say, what is already upon it.

And have you noticed recruiting Ads for the US Military have become much more "Straight" as of late? No more drag queens or Disney-Pixar animated Lesbian moms walking along the beach. No more Rainbow-bullets in a knock-off Full Metal Jacket Marine Corps poster. They know who will win wars.

Hey... don't come at me bitch. I'm just saying the quiet part out loud.

~ EJ LaVey

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  • Writer's pictureEJ LaVey

27 September 2023

Every now and then, after making so many really big Prophecies about the end of America and global destruction, I get a bit “anxious” as to “why the missiles haven’t flown” yet. But then a timely news story comes across my screen of everything happening exactly as I predicted. Furthermore, it is happening at a more rapid pace as time goes on.

There is even still a sense of cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias on the part of the American citizenry, as MILLIONS of illegals INVADE the U.S. at the southern border. It is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR, through EMPIRICAL DATA, that this government is in ALLEGIANCE with an evil force bent on destroying America as we know it. And there seems to be a direct correlation between the speed at which some Americans are waking up and how fast the government is torching the barn. The advent of the internet is forcing their hand. Forcing them to speed up their plan.

Crime is staggering which will ultimately lead the nation into chaos, all the while the “III%” sit back and protect their land. Their OWN land that is. People truly don’t believe that an actual INVADING FORCE is crossing, and has crossed, our borders. They think it’s only a “what if” scenario. I’m trying to use capital letters and quotation marks to emphasize that I am SCREAMING on this side of the computer for you all to WAKE UP!

If you are not armed, YOU ARE NOT SAFE. Plain and simple. Criminals are brazen, for they know there are no consequences. Politicians are long since bought and paid for. Law Enforcement doesn’t want to get sued or canceled; and the Military is full of drag queens or others who either follow orders blindly or are otherwise virtue-signaling.

America is dead. The ONLY thing slowing an invading force is the volume of people that would actually give a fuck should a blunt, in-your-face invading army come upon our shores. But even THIS is “just for now”, because they are already attacking us in various slow ways, chipping away at our rights and sensibilities a piece at a time.

I cannot scream loud enough how dangerous and real the threat is. I cannot scream loud enough that the nation is CURRENTLY and ACTIVELY UNDER ATTACK.

I cannot sound the alarm any more than I already have. There are no more Prophecies to give. It will all simply “happen” now. The “RED ALERT” signal and Klaxons are BLARING. The invasion is well underway.

- EJ LaVey

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