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My Readings are a sort of an amalgam of things.  I combine Mediumship (speaking to the Dead, Spirit Guides, etc.) with Tarot, Astrology and Numerology.  While there is technically no time limit to these Readings, they usually run from 60 minutes to 2 hours.  All Readings are done via Zoom and are recorded for your future reference.  Check out my YouTube video on this page for an even more in depth explanation!

Price: $199.99


Psychic Readings




EMERGENCY READING! Sometimes we have a very pressing issue and need answers immediately. I'm usually booked an average of 2 months out. If you have an Emergency Situation and can't wait for a month or two, you need the Emergency Reading. I will respond to you within an hour and your Reading will be booked within 24 to 48 hours. Be sure to be by your email once purchased, whereas you will hear from me in a matter of hours to schedule your appointment.

Price: $399.99


The "10-15 READING"

In these days of Bidenflation, many cannot afford a full Reading at the regular price.  So, one day per week I have given to these 10 to 15 minute Readings.  This is a simple Tarot Reading and is confined to a hard 10 to 15 minutes, whereas the day will be booked.  The wait period is usually two or more weeks for an appointment so book today!

PRICE: $54.99


33 Prophecies

This service is what "put me on the map" as it were, proving concretely beyond mathematical probability that what I see is not of this world.  As documented over time, as stated in my introduction to this website, my accuracy rating is 74.4% to 96.6%!  I will use automatic handwriting to channel 33 Prophecies specifically for you, in a journal, that will manifest in 12 to 18 months time.  It is possible that you may receive Lifetime Prophecies mixed in with the 33 as well.  This service also includes a 30 minute follow up Zoom call to go over any questions you may have.  I ask for 21 days for delivery via USPS.


Price:  $499.99


Astrological Charts

I actually stopped doing Astrological Charts YEARS ago until a client recently reached out to me to ask me to do one for her son.  I reluctantly accepted.  BOY was I AMAZED at what channeled through while I was writing this person's Chart!


So, it would be a genuine disservice to humanity were I not to offer these to people to help discover their destiny.  The Astrological Chart is a 25 plus page report, digitally delivered in a pdf, covering your whole life from A to Z.  Your Name, Numerology, Astrology... and whatever else The Holy Spirit channels!


I'm glad I'm doing them again!

Price: $499.99



See video below for details.

Price:  $299.99


"Signs, Seasons, Days and Years" Book

Signs Seasons Days and Years Book.jpg

"Signs, Seasons, Days and Years" (Genesis 1:14) is your COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE guide to Astrology, Numerology and The Kybalion (Laws of Creation) as designed by Almighty God Himself. This 6 pound 531 page book is essential reading.


Price: $79.99

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